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FINAL!! Day 15 of the Grand Sumo Championship 2020 FINAL!! Tokyo Japan English commentary
Our business is a partnership with two environmental professionals at the helm. Tom Kabis has an MS in Environmental Science, JD and 43 years of experience. Stephen Sewalk, PhD in Civil Engineering, JD and experience in construction and environmental engineering. We opened KES because we are concerned that RADON mitigation and testing companies operating in Colorado are testing improperly and installing RADON mitigation systems improperly. In short, of the several hundred mitigation systems inspected fewer than 20% are installed properly and even less are operating optimally. Call for a free inspection and evaluation; fair and honest. Radon, occurring naturally through the degradation (radiation) of Uranium, is a Silent Killer and the #2 cause of lung cancer. Keep your family safe with honest reliable professionals.
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